Ador Corona TR Cabinets

Fully customised control cabinets.

  • Fully customised control cabinets.
  • Interfacing option with all available ESP controller makes.
  • Easy Retrofits
  • Options for stand alone panels as well as cascaded arrangement
  • Ingress Protection Class as per IEC PUB 947-1/NEMA Type 12
  • IP 54 : Upto 160A Input Current
  • IP 31 : For Input Current More than 160A

Method of cooling

Air Natural


Indoor Pressurized Room or Air Conditioned Room

Control voltage

230 VAC or 110 VAC

Paint Shade

As per choice ( Any RAL or MUNSEL Shades )

The control panel is fabricated from sheet metal of 2.0 mm thickness and is of a free floor standing type. Gland Plate shall be of 3 mm thickness. These units confirm to ingress protection class IP 54/42/31.Cable entry can be customised from bottom or from top.