Powertronic Enterprises is the pulse of technology in power electronics from India with installations of High Voltage Rectifiers – HVR all over the world in Power, Cement, Steel and Paper industries.
We are one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of TR sets and controls in the world.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as authorized channel partner of “Ador Powertron Limited” an ISO 9001 company as the leading organization in the field of Power Electronics of ADOR Group of Companies, which is Having over 40 years of experience of High Voltage Rectifier System with Microprocessor based Controller Precicon Series for Electrostatic Precipitator – ESP & having own service set to support the customer in the field of Esp.

We have supplied Various Esp spares as per customer requirement like High voltage Rectifier Transformer, TRCC Controller Panel & its spares, HT switches (Earth switches Bus Ducts Esp Insulator, shaft, support conical, insulator heaters, Bus duct Earth switch, Rapper panel spare, Row card Colum card, Rapper coil, Emitting, collecting plates etc.